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Not far from my place of employment is a prayer room for all faiths. The only rule is that you take off your shoes before entering.

I haven’t prayed there yet but I need to. I don’t need to because it is a prayer room but because it’s quiet, close, and nobody else ever goes there. (That in itself is sad since people here killed one another over their religion. To kill for the right to practice a faith that you don’t practice in peace time seems a little hypocritical to me.)

I’ve begun the discipline of fasting and it seems to me that if I don’t pair my fasting with more times of prayer,…well… then I’m just dieting.

My desire is to connect. I need to abide with the One who promised to be with me. I want to know Jesus coursing through my veins like sap from the vine courses through its branches. Often it seems like it’s just me coursing through my veins.

Today I’m going to start visiting the prayer room for all faiths, perhaps it’s even for my weak faith.

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  1. Hey Mark – thanks for sharing – a prayer room for all faiths is a great concept. I see your point about it being a bit hypocritical with the reason for their conflict and all. But that being said, I think the fact that nobody goes there means they just don’t want to practice their faith with others of another faith – not that they are not practicing it at all. May-be those wounds are just still too raw. Just a thought. So, may-be if you go there in faith and with the right heart it may encourage others to walk in there. Take care – can’t wait to see you in SARATOGA!

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